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In July 2018, the “Sgradevole” project was born out of the whimsical camaraderie of four friends—Attilio Galgano, Enzo Merola, Michele Ricciardi, and myself. We embarked on a mission to turn our daily humorous phrases into unique, printed T-shirts. Little did we know, our quirky venture would take flight unexpectedly, with over 400 T-shirts sold in the scorching month of August.

Designed by yours truly and handcrafted by our team, these T-shirts not only brought laughter but also warmth to our hearts. With each sale, we decided to give back to the community, donating every penny to charitable causes.

In the subsequent summers of 2019 and 2020, we expanded our horizons, launching new T-shirt collections that resonated with even more humor enthusiasts. Our customers embraced our offbeat humor, snapping up 585 and 707 T-shirts, respectively. These lighthearted moments transformed into something extraordinary, as we donated a grand total of €11,000 to various charitable endeavors.

sgradevole 2019 collection


t-shirt printed


Euros donated to charity

time capsule

Sgradevole Time Capsule conceived during the lockdown days of the COVID pandemic, it’s a time capsule designed to preserve the memories of those tragic days and deliver them into the hands of the future, 50 years from 2021.
It’ll be opened in 2071. Hoping to be there 😂