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Ofanto |

This brand was born in the south of Italy and its aim is, starting from the bottom, to make the products of this land known all over Italy and, hopefully, all over the world. In order to reach this goal, Ofanto’s products will be different from the competitors in the bakery market thanks to the traditional ingredients such as the “Senatore Cappelli” wheat, an old wheat that has nutritional properties that no other wheat in the world has.

Thanks to this quality and traditional recipes the products will be better than the competitors. This, combined with an aggressive national marketing can bring the company in the heart of the Italian consumers.
The name, “Ofanto”, is the same as the name of a river, which is unknown to the masses but is the largest river in southern Italy.
The ears of wheat indicate the type of product that the company produces and are three as a perfect number, like the perfection that Ofanto wants to reach.


Anyone can design a logo. But not everyone can design the right logo.

David Aiery